Try outs will be held January 22nd in the Rec Center Archery Room. We ask that all athletes please be there at 7PM so that they can stretch and be ready to start promptly at 7:30PM. All athletes will need to bring a $30 try out fee. Also we ask that everyone wears a maroon shirt, black shorts/spandex, and cheer shoes. If you have any additional questions regarding try outs, please check out the 'Try out Info' available on the site. If you still have anymore questions please feel free to contact our Recruiting Officer, Kayla McClellen, at kaylamc@tamu.edu



Good luck to everyone trying out! We look forward to seeing all of you!

Congrats to the new members of the 2013-2014 squad!

Kelli Fox

Rachel Steed

Shelby Tucker

Kamryn Lazar

Sam Bates

Haley Graves

MK Hoffman

Taylor Sourdellia

Ali Gray

Laura Maresky

Elyse Gonzalez

Jasmin Stredick

Shelbi Foerster

Amber Langhoff

Hilary Jaenee

Hayley Cox

Shelby Brown

Shannon McGrath

Brittany Thielen

Allissa Chase

Alex Pena

Meghan Sevy

Viviana Pequeno

Maddie Schulz

Sydney Lewis

Kayla McClellen

Niki Johnson

Maci Herman

Lauren Mckeever

Katie Miller

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Texas A&M Competition Squad






2013-2014 Officer Election Results

Congratulations to the following members for being elected as 2013-2014 officers for the upcoming season:


Sydney Lewis- President

Taylor Renfro- Vice President

Viviana Pequeno- Treasurer

Maddie Schulz- Fundraiser Chair

Kayla McClellen- Public Relations/Recruiting Officer

Important Upcoming Dates!


  • August 31st from 3-6pm @ Rec Center


  • September 1st from 1-5pm @ Reed Arena


  • September 4th and 8th from 7:30-10:00PM


  • September 9th @ Rec Archery Room
  • Be here at 7pm (we will start tryouts at 7:30pm)
  • Bring INSURANCE CARD (required for AOR forms)
  • bring $30 for the tryout fee
  • ATTIRE: Maroon shirt and black shorts


*look at the Tryout & Contact Info tab for more information!

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